Saturday, January 13, 2007

Making Good Money Pt.2

Another way of making good money and becoming rich in the game is doing jobs with the "Enforcer" or "Assasian". The Driver in the game won't do much but bring your car to you when you need it. So don't do anything with him. The Enforcer can make very good money in the game. He can do mini-missions for you and make a good amount of money. This guy is hard to kill as well and has a better life span than Tony. To do his mini-missions, simply press L2 and then go to the Tony picture. Then you will have to do some job for Tony and you are going to get started right away. When you finish this you can get the money you deserve. You might be thinking why it won't go in the bank. The reason is the Enforcer won't put the money in the bank but he will give the money to Tony and let him put it in the bank. To do this, simply switch back to Tony by pressing L2 and pressing the "Tony" icon. You can put drugs you get with the Enforcer with Tony when you switch with him as well. for the Assasian its the same thing basically. Just do the mini-mission and collect your money and switch to Tony. By my experience, the Enforcer makes me a lot more money.

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