Saturday, November 11, 2006

Making Good Money

One of the best ways of making money is selling drugs. You can either sell "grams" or "kilos", but at the starting of the game you will find you can only sell grams at the point. So if your just a newcomer to the game, you should go do a "Felix Lead". To do a Felix Lead, you must go to the menu with the map and go to "Felix Lead" then do the mission he asks you to do. When your done, go to the same menu and then it will say "Small Supplier". Then do that to get the drugs. The top you can get from small supplers is 100 grams, so if you sell those 100 grams to a drug dealer and are successful, you will get $10,000 out of it. Not bad, eh? But those are just small suppliers and small suppliers arent that "popular" for the money. Now let me teach you about the large suppliers. Later on in the game, when you keep making your reputation level high, you will get a phone call by a man named "The Sandman". This guy is the real deal. But you are going to have to meet up with him before you can call him to make deals. He is not on the map, so your going to have to take your boat and travel to the Bahamas. Yes, the Bahamas. But while you are in the Bahamas, you are going to see a bunch of thugs in boats and even sometimes in Yachts. These guys are called "Pirates". Not the pirates that cruise the sea in the olden days, so don't worry about some ship popping out of nowhere and nailing you with a cannonball. When you meet up with The Sandman, you will have to talk to him. After that do his mission he tells you to do and then after that go back to the menu with the map and go to "Sandman Lead". Its kind of similar to the Felix Lead but this time if you screw up you wont get chased by one or two thugs, but over a whole mob of them. So if you are successful on a Sandman Lead then you can deal with a "Large Supplier". Do the Large Supplier mission and if you do it successfully you will have an amount of drugs in "Kilos". But if you mess up, i'm pretty sure the video below will explain it to you. Kilos will makes you really good money and you will only get them from Large Suppliers. After you get the kilos you will have to drop them off at a storage house, the fronts with the huge "M'' on them. So drive back to Miami and then go to one of the arrows on the map and then land in the arrow spot. Then you will be ready to "distribute". To distribute go to the storage house that you stored the kilos in and then there will be a flashing M on the radar. Go to the flashing radar and then it will allow you to choose a vehicle. Choose the fastest one you got. The you are going to have to go to all the fronts you own and collect money from them. When you are done then go to the nearest bank and stop in the green circle. At the end of the distribution you should've made at least over $1,000,000. Thats just speaking about the $50,000 suppliers. If you get your reputation level to 5 or 6, you will have over $250,000 suppliers and when you distribute that much you will get over $5,000,000. It really matters by how many front you own and how good there treated. I hope this helps you make more money.

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